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Cliff Reid - Andy Dowling - Emergency Medicine - Pre Hospital Retrieval Emergency Medicine - Andy Social Podcast

Episode 119 – Cliff Reid (Doctor/Specialist – Emergency and Intensive Care, Pre-Hospital Retrieval Medicine)

Cliff Reid is a Doctor and Specialist who works in both emergency and intensive care as well as pre-hospital retrieval medicine. To put it simply, Cliff provides emergency care to people who experience sudden unexpected extreme forms of physical suffering. I got the chance to meet Cliff out at the brand new multi-million dollar Helicopter base at Bankstown airport which not only dispatches several helicopters and fixed wing aircraft for the entire state of New South Wales but also a road team that services large areas of Sydney. The facility also has a large training centre which Cliff is also the Director in charge. This facility is filled with training rooms that replicate various real world medical environments including emergency rooms filled with mannequin patients (often also using real life actors) and also a wave pool that simulates helicopter crashes in ocean water with a fuselage being dropped into a deep pool with heavy waves. Personnel are constantly challenged to ensure they can  successfully free themselves from the cabin in ...
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