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Andy Dowling - Andy Social - Adrian Griffin - Photo credit - instagram demonrace

Episode 120 – Adrian Griffin (Lo!, Session Drummer, Digital Designer and Marketer)

While it might be an exaggeration, Adrian Griffin has probably played in every single metal and rock band that has ever existed. Yes, a slight exaggeration but for many musicians finding and holding onto a drummer is really difficult and Adrian certainly has helped out many Aussie bands over the years and thankfully (for many of us) he really enjoys it. His long list of bands include playing and recording for the likes of 28 Days, Free or Dead, Degeneracy, Handasyd Williams, AgaugeFor (bass), Killerhertz  and also filling in with Gvrlls, Truth Corroded, Daemon Pyre, Hell City Glamours, Tom Ugly and many more. Adrian’s mainstay however is Sydney’s Lo! who have not only extensively toured in Australia and overseas but have released a number of killer albums with some of the most intense video clips to have ever come from an Australian band (see episode 113 with Odd Studio who helped bring songs Orca and Locus Christ to life). I caught up with Adrian at the Salisbury Hotel in Stanmore to chat about being in high ...
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