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Peter Hodgson - Seymour Duncan - Andy Social - Andy Dowling

Episode 115 – Peter Hodgson (I Heart Guitar, Seymour Duncan, Music Journalist)

Peter Hodgson is one of those guys that I would have been in awe of as a teenager. The guy is a total guitar nerd, running his popular blog I Heart Guitar, he's a music journalist writing for publications such as Australian Guitar, Guitar World, Gibson, Premier Guitar, Mixdown Magazine, Blunt, and Beat (to name a few) and he's also the Social Media Manager for Seymour Duncan. Forget the teenager, I'm in awe now! Peter gets to totally immerse himself in his love of music/guitar and make a living from it. What a winner! I caught up with Peter to talk (you guessed it) guitar, his recent trip to NAMM which was his 9th year in a row, becoming a music journalist and also his first couple of jobs working in small town music stores. Lots of great insights for others who are interested in diving into writing and working in the music world. We also touch on Peter's challenges with anxiety and depression which I'd certainly like to highlight more in ...
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