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Soundworks Touring - The Andy Social Podcast - Brad Wesson - Andy Dowling

Episode 101 – Brad Wesson (Soundworks Touring, Bump In Burger)

Brad Wesson of Soundworks Touring has been bringing some of world's best metal bands to Australia for the past decade. Since 2005 when Brad and co-founder Glenn Dyson decided to purchase a local rehearsal studio, the team has expanded from bringing out a small selection of their favourite bands to inviting some of the world's best acts to not only Australia but also New Zealand and parts of South East Asia. In addition to Soundworks, Brad has worked with band management for a plethora of Australian metal acts and in recent years has heavily become involved with the Hammersonic Festival in Indonesia which see's over 20,000 people each year flock to Jakarta for South East Asia's largest metal fest. In recent months Brad has expanded his repertoire in the business world by diving into the hospitality industry. In November 2017 Bump In Burger will open it's doors in Perth, catering for food and music lovers with a blend between quality burgers and rock/metal themed references. In this episode not only ...
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