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The Andy Social Podcast - Andrew Craig - Photo by MIckG Photography

Episode 112 – Andrew Craig (Rise of Avernus, Metal Drummer, School Teacher)

He was the first ever guest on The Andy Social Podcast and now Andrew Craig, school teacher by day, heavy ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Nats What I Reckon

Episode 111 – Nat’s What I Reckon (Video Series and Comedian)

Good on ya champ! Nat's videos on Facebook alone have totalled nearly 5 million views to date. Ranging from excursions ...
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Photo by Rush

Episode 110 – Luke Cornish (E.L.K Stencil Artist, Archibald Finalist)

Luke Cornish is a stencil artist. Ignorant old me thought that stencil art was simple in skill and style, however ...
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Photo by Mr. Jeremy Saffer — at Mohegan Sun.

Episode 109 – Willie Gee (Guitar Tech – Megadeth, Anthrax, King Diamond, Slayer, Nevermore and more)

Willie Gee might be metal's most famous guitar tech. Starting off in the late 90s working with King Diamond, Willie ...
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David Harrison - Allegiance - Heavy Metal Merchant - Andy Social Podcast - Andy Dowling

Episode 108 – David Harrison (Heavy Metal Merchant, Allegiance)

When it comes to metal, Dave Harrison is your man. He played bass for Australia 90s Aria chart metal legends, ...
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Mat Maurer - Mortal Sin - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 107 – Mat Maurer (Mortal Sin)

Mortal Sin are legends in the Australian metal scene. They are the only Australian band to have played with each ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Joel Orford - Live at Blackand Berlin Rock and Metal Bar - Photo by Asgaardian Events

Episode 106 – Joel Orford (Lagerstein)

Dedication is packing up your band of seven guys, all leading their separate lives and relocating from Brisbane to Hungary ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Andy Dowling - Jake Weber - Harlott - Bettie's Northcote

Episode 105 – Jake Weber (Harlott, Bettie’s Northcote)

Husband, Father, Thrash Metal Guitarist and Small Business Owner, Jake Weber. He's a busy fella! Juggling family life, playing on ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Andy Dowling - Professor Tamara Davis - From Science in Public photo by timothy burgess

Episode 104 – Professor Tamara Davis (Cosmologist, Astrophysicist)

Professor Tamara Davis is a Cosmologist and Astrophysicist. What's the difference? Well you can either google it, or you can ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Tim Yatras - Equinoxe Studios - Germ - Photo by Daniela Vorndran

Episode 103 – Tim Yatras (Germ, Equinoxe Studios, ex-LORD/Dungeon)

When you have Tim Yatras edit your podcast every week, you know you're in safe hands. Tim has been editing ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Sindy Sinn - Photo by Pete Hawk

Episode 102 – Sindy Sinn (Illustrator, Nightcrawler Co, Snake Eyes Studios)

Sindy Sinn's clients have included The Misfits, Parkway Drive, CJ Ramone, Young Henrys, Universal Music, Sydney Fringe Festival, Tropfest, and ...
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Soundworks Touring - The Andy Social Podcast - Brad Wesson - Andy Dowling

Episode 101 – Brad Wesson (Soundworks Touring, Bump In Burger)

Brad Wesson of Soundworks Touring has been bringing some of world's best metal bands to Australia for the past decade ...
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Photo by Iron Mike - Savoia Concert and Event Photography

Episode 100 – Johnny Dee (Doro, Britny Fox, ex-Waysted)

With his 30 years+ in the industry, Johnny Dee has not only seen himself with the great Doro Pesch but has ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Matthew Bell - Troldhaugen - Autumns Dawn - Germ

Episode 99 – Matthew Bell (Troldhaugen, Autumn’s Dawn, Germ)

Matthew Bell is the guitarist for the band Troldhaugen. Troldhaugen? Sure, you've heard of them. With classic hits such as ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Michael Cusack - Gillsberry - YOLO - Damo and Darren

Episode 98 – Michael Cusack (Animator, Gillsberry, YOLO, Damo and Darren)

You might not initially recognise Michael's name, but there's a possibility that you've seen one of his animations. After all, ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Rusty Young - Marching Powder - Colombiano

Episode 97 – Rusty Young (Author – Marching Powder, Colombiano)

Definition of a risk taker? Rusty Young. International best selling author, Rusty hit the book scene in the early 2000s ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Leroy Loggins - Andy Dowling

Episode 96 – Leroy Loggins (NBL Legend, Brisbane Bullets)

When it comes to Australian sporting legends, Leroy Loggins is a name that should always be in conversation. Gracing the ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Rodney Holder - Music Business Facts

Episode 95 – Rodney Holder (Music Business Facts, Formerly Alchemist)

Looking to understand the music industry more? When it comes to the business side of things, Rodney Holder is your ...
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Tim Price - The Faction - Collision Course PR - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 94 – Tim Price (Music Publicist, Collision Course, The Faction)

Tim Price is a heavy music publicist, band manager guru and now a hot shot in the music app world, ...
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Dr Steve Salisbury - Palaeontologist - Dinosaurs - Andy Dowling - LORD - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 93 – Dr Steve Salisbury (Palaeontologist, Dinosaur Hunter, University of Queensland)

Dinosaurs right?! I think everyone has a fascination with these ancient creatures, however many of us know nothing more than what ...
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Oliver Burton - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 92 – Oliver Burton (Actor, Director, Shakespeare Enthusiast)

Shakespeare? To be honest, I was a little out of my depth! I'm about as cultural as Vegemite mixed in with ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Travis New - Photo credit Wendy Anggerani

Episode 91 – Travis New (Guitarist for Mi-Sex, Jasmine Rae and more)

Travis New is one of the most sought after guitarists in Australia. He has cut his teeth over the years ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Mark Fitzsimmons - Metalhead and Chef

Episode 90 – Mark Fitzsimmons (Chef and Metalhead)

The Metalhead Chef! If you've ever been to a metal gig in Sydney, Canberra or anywhere in between, no doubt ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Adam Agius - The Levitation Hex Alchemist

Episode 89 – Adam Agius (The Levitation Hex, Formerly Alchemist)

As much as he would hate for me to say it, Adam Agius is a bit of a legend in ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Neil Wilcock - Wilko

Episode 88 – Neil ‘Wilko’ Wilcock (Radio Personality and Voice Over Artist)

You've probably heard Wilko's voice without even realising it. Being the voice of Channel TEN for several years, Neil Wilcock ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Andrew Saltmarsh - Toehider

Episode 87 – Andrew ‘Salty’ Saltmarsh (Illustrator and Toehider)

Known by most as Salty, Andrew Saltmarsh is a well known Australian illustrator and the visual artistic mastermind behind Melbourne ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Chris Asher - Dean Hobson - The Podcast Formerly Known As

Episode 86 – Chris Asher and Dean Hobson (The Podcast Formerly Known As)

Beers and babbling! Chris Asher and Dean Hobson are the hosts of The Podcast Formerly Known As, based out of ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Dave Langlands - The Eternal

Episode 85 – Dave Langlands (The Eternal, Foresters Pub and Terminus Hotel)

Most people know Dave Langlands as the bass player for Melbourne metal band The Eternal. What many might not know, ...
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Lochlan Watt - The Racket - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 84 – Lochlan Watt (The Racket – Triple J)

Lochlan Watt is the host of Triple J's The Racket. Australia's most well known metal radio show which airs every ...
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Shae Meddings - Mental As Anyone Podcast - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 83 – Shae Meddings (Psychologist & Mental as Anyone Podcast)

Shae Meddings is a Psychologist and hosts the Mental as Anyone Podcast where she chats with comedians and performers from ...
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James Straker - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 82 – James Straker (Trouble Maker – We Make Trouble)

NOFX is his favourite band and he's mates with them. He buys vintage arcade machines and leaves them in bars ...
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John Shearer (Mindfulness Coach) - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 81 – John Shearer (Mindfulness Coach)

John Shearer (Mindfulness Coach) is an internationally recognised Mindfulness Master. John has been practising and teaching the act of mindfulness ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Ratschitte Industries

Episode 80 – Ratschitte Industries

Ratschitte Industries are one of those Startup Ventures that I simply could not ignore. Whilst I'm not really one for ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - Chris Maric (Maric Media)

Episode 79 – Chris Maric (Maric Media)

Chris Maric of Maric Media has been supporting Australian and International bands with promotion, publicity and artist relations for close ...
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Louis Rando - Depravity, The Furor, Impiety - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 78 – Louis Rando (Depravity, The Furor and Impiety)

Arguably one of Australia's greatest extreme drummers, Louis Rando (Depravity, The Furor and Impiety) has been a part of the ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - David Gertler - Cast Away The Australian Podcast Awards

Episode 77 – David Gertler (Cast Away – The Australian Podcast Awards)

David Gertler is the Founder and brains behind Cast Away - The Australian Podcast awards. The awards held it's inaugural ...
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James Lopes - Arc Shot Media - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 76 – James Lopes (Arc Shot Media)

James Lopes has been running his own business Arc Shot Media for several years now after breaking free of his ...
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Marko Mustac

Episode 75 – Marko Mustac (Actor, Comedy Performer, Writer and Director)

An actor, comedy performer, writer and director, Marko Mustac is someone that I would class as a true 'jack of ...
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Photo by Andy Xiong Photography

Episode 74 – Danny Estrin (Voyager)

Let's set the scene - 7:30am on a fresh Sunday morning in the heart of Perth. Coffee included and some ...
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Brendon Capriotti and Ashley Large (Claim the Throne)

Episode 73 – Brendon Capriotti and Ashley Large (Claim the Throne)

When someone offers you a pint of Hop Hog, you do NOT refuse. This ended up setting the tone for ...
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John Stallwood - Nail Brewing

Episode 72 – John Stallwood (Nail Brewing)

John Stallwood is the Director and Head Brewer for Nail Brewing in Perth, Western Australia. John's background in the craft ...
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Alex Canion - Voyager

Episode 71 – Alex Canion (Voyager)

Often referred to as my doppelgänger (well, when he had longer hair), Alex Canion is the bass player and legend ...
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Espionage and Alkira

Episode 70 – Denis Sudzuka, James Shelverton and Greg Challis (Drunk Metal Talk)

Brace yourself. If you're expecting an episode full of deep and intelligent conversation, life lessons and well-articulated English, then this ...
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Episode 69 – Guy Hedderwick (Adelaide 36ers, Lightning and Titanium Arena)

Growing up in the 90s, Basketball was a big part of my life. Of course, the NBA was always the ...
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Episode 68 - Christian Broome

Episode 68 – Christian Broome (ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute)

Christian and his wife Connie are the Directors and Owners of ARMI Australian Rock & Metal Institute. A music school ...
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Alison Oborn Adelaide's Haunted Horizons - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 67 – Alison Oborn (Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons)

What do you do on a Friday night in Adelaide? You go and hang out at Glenside: Z Ward. One ...
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Episode 66 - Pod Kembla and Cocoon Floatation

Episode 66 – Pod Kembla and Cocoon Floatation

I've been preaching the wonders of Floatation Therapy for the past few years, however only recently have I actually dipped ...
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Episode 65 – Nathan Sidoti

"Got a good friend in Sydney who is a sound dude. Lived a really interesting life. Did early tours with ...
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Episode 64 – Joel McDonald (Rose Tattoo and Frankie’s World Famous House Band)

It's Monday afternoon in Sydney. You've just finished your first day of work for the week and you're already over ...
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Episode 63 – Tony Barber (Australian Television Personality)

Tony Barber. Yes, that is correct. The Gold Logie winning Australian television personality, Tony is seen as a cultural icon ...
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Episode 62 – Simon Holland (Barefoot Media)

It all started with a mutual love for 90s NBA and soon blossomed into a big old bromance. When you ...
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Jason North - Truth Corroded

Episode 61 – Jason North (Truth Corroded)

Old mate Jason is the front man of Adelaide's Truth Corroded. One of my favourite Australian metal bands who LORD ...
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Mike Mills - Toehider - Ayreon - The Andy Social Podcast

Episode 60 – Mike Mills (Toehider)

One of the most musically gifted gents that I know! Mike Mills has been lubricating ear drums for several years ...
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Episode 59 – Vinny Appice (Dio and Black Sabbath)

The man needs no introduction, but I'm going to write one anyway. Best known for his work with the legendary ...
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Episode 58 – Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart and more)

The man, the myth, the legend. Carmine Appice. One of the world's greatest rock drummers, Carmine has been an undeniable ...
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Episode 57 – Reflections – Part 2

For those of you playing along, the second instalment of my catch up episode is here! In part 2, I ...
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The Andy Social Podcast - EP56 - Reflections Part 1

Episode 56 – Reflections – Part 1

Yes, it's been a while. Time to play catch up! This is the first of a 2 part episode where ...
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Episode 55 – Life Update

Being engaged to be married has certainly brought a lot of perspective and growth into my life. In this in-between ...
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Josh Thompson - The Buskers Guide - Photo by George Arnold

Episode 54 – Josh Thompson (The Buskers Guide)

Ever thought about just shutting up shop and hitting the road? It would be nice, but there are always things to ...
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Photo by Katia Lloyd Jones

Episode 53 – Jake Lloyd Jones (MerJa Media and The Chaser)

"I'm all obsessed with Kurdistan at the moment, getting ready to go and shoot a doco over there in October." ...
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Episode 52 – 10 Podcasts That You Need To Hear In 2016

Episode 52 is all about the podcasts that I listen to. Here are 10 podcasts that I believe you should ...
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Episode 51 – Annelise of Metal Marketing Blog

In the ever changing world of the music industry, it is often said to be difficult to stay on top of ...
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Episode 50 – Jake Skinner (Personal Trainer and Musician)

I first met Jake many eons ago in the freezing cold New Zealand city of Christchurch, when LORD shared a ...
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Episode 49 – Kurt Schober (Pod Kembla)

A great thing about this podcast is connecting with others who are doing the same thing. I discovered Pod Kembla ...
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Episode 48 – Skruins and Co Breakfast Show

The man would rather not be personally identified, however has happily referred to himself as 'The Genius of Podcasting'. The Skruins ...
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Episode 47 – Kaj Löfgren (The School of Life Australia)

Kaj Löfgren is the Director of The School of Life Australia. A unique an exciting space which was first established in ...
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Episode 46 – David Tieck (Writer and Comedian)

David Tieck is a writer and comedian from Sydney who has penned several books touching on his own life experiences ...
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Episode 45 – May 28

If you're in Sydney, Saturday May 28th, then we should have a few drinks! For more details, have a listen ...
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Episode 44 – Fredrik Hjelm (Swedish Muay Thai Kickboxing US Champion)

From the quiet, but sometimes rough streets of Malmö in Sweden, Fredrik looked to martial arts as a way of defending ...
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Episode 43 – Arjun Shenoy (Commercial Airline Pilot)

Apart from Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, could you name another metal head who's a commercial pilot? Well, Arjun Shenoy ...
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Episode 42 – Steve Watts (Heaven the Axe)

You'll never meet a more modest and down to earth guy! Steve Watts (Heaven the Axe) has been around for ...
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Photo by Ellyn Cook

Episode 41 – Steve Bull (Icehouse)

Not only can Steve be found belting out the low end in one of Australia's most renowned bands, Icehouse, but ...
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Episode 40 – Thomas Binetter (Remember That You Will Die & Ex – sleepmakeswaves)

Global traveller, legal man and musician, Thomas Binetter! Thomas was one of the original members of post rock giants sleepmakeswaves ...
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Episode 39 – David from Sweden (The Swedish Number)

So, Sweden's tourism agency has come up with 'The Swedish Number'. This great idea to have 'one' phone number that you ...
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Episode 38 – Duane Jackson (Electrik Dynamite)

Legendary rock-a-fella and all round nice bloke, Duane Jackson is best known for pulling uniquely crafted bass playing shapes on stage with ...
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Episode 37 – James Norbert Ivanyi (Instrumental Rock Solo Guitarist)

James is a great example of someone who is living life on his own terms. Already making plenty of noise ...
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Episode 36 – Mick Goddard (Mick G Photography)

Mick is best known for Mick G Photography, his photo work in the Sydney music scene, shooting both local and ...
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Episode 35 – Sinclair Newey (Double Lung Transplant Recipient)

Late 2013 saw Sinclair go through the most challenging part of his life, which began an urgent journey towards becoming a ...
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Episode 34 – Get Your Lingo On – Part 2

In this episode we do a bit of a catch up on my journey to Duolingo mastery (not really). I ...
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Episode 33 – Josh Smith (Northlane)

We started off talking shop but it quickly sprawled out into a number of topics including yoga, meditation, mental health ...
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Episode 32 – Jordan McDonald (Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice)

It's safe to say that Frankie's Pizza by the Slice is Sydney's hot spot for live music. Attracting the best ...
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Episode 31 – Mick Jeffery (Aversions Crown, Widow the Sea)

Video store clerk and male model by day, metal road warrior by night. Mick Jeffery is best know for his ...
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Episode 30 – Month to Month with Milton Mendonça – Part 2

Part 2 of Month to Month with Milton is now up! Lot's of chatter around the Avantasia tour that Milton ...
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Episode 29 – February Alone

Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except for February, which has 28 days ...
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Episode 28 – John Maher (Carmen’s Road Safety)

It would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't either been directly or at least known of someone who ...
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Episode 27 – Anwar Rizk

Anwar Rizk has been a notable part of the Australian metal scene and in particular in Melbourne for quite a ...
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Episode 26 – Dr Craig Hassed (Mindfulness Professor)

Mindfulness. I recently discovered the wonders of this practice through a book entitled 'Mindfulness for Life'. From this book I've ...
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Episode 25 – Get Your Lingo On

In this episode I discuss the challenges surrounding learning another language and my desire to become multilingual (as you will ...
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Episode 24 – Month to Month with Milton Mendonça – Part 1

On the back of the success from our previous podcast episode (listen here), I have decided to do a monthly check ...
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Episode 23 – Ben Simpson (Australian Strongman)

2014 Australian Strongman champion, Ben Simpson spends some time talking about Strongman competition, weight training, pushing his personal brand and ...
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Episode 22 – Andrew Hudson (Harlott)

Like Thrash? Say hello to Andrew Hudson, front man of Melbourne thrash metal band Harlott. In my opinion one of ...
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Episode 21 – The Immobilizer of Lagerstein

It's time to meet The Immobilizer. A merry buccaneer who sails the seven seas, searching for bounty and chests full ...
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Episode 20 – Top 5’s of 2015

Who doesn't like a top 5 list? I did a shout out and called 51 people to ask them what ...
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Episode 19 – I Hate Xmas

Another in-between episode. Given that Xmas is tomorrow, I thought I'd throw some random thoughts on the yearly celebration. A ...
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Episode 18 – Rigel Walshe (Conflict is Good & Dawn of Azazel)

"Teaching people how conflict, chaos, disruption, adversity and uncertainty are really your best friends and trusted allies." - Rigel Walshe, ...
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Episode 17- Facebook Q&A

How about something different? I threw a shout out on Facebook for people to ask me a question. Naturally the ...
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Episode 16 – What NOT to do at an airport

Another in-between-a-sode while I get the final episodes locked in for 2015. Do you love being at the airport? Sure, ...
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Episode 15 – Milton Mendonça (Infinity Concerts/ProgPower USA)

Milton is the CFO, Booking Agent, Manager and King (according to his Facebook!) at Infinity Concerts as well as a ...
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Episode 14 – Mark Kelson (The Eternal)

Head honcho and mastermind of the Australia Dark/Doom Metal band The Eternal, Mark is a busy guy who dabbles in ...
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Episode 13 – Logan Gray (Thrashwolf)

Logan (also known as Thrashwolf) may have single handedly visually redefined the Australian metal scene over the past several years ...
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Episode 12 – Michael Field (Analytical Chemist – Gold Mining)

Welcome to the wild, wild west! Michael Field is an Analytical Chemist for a mining company in Norseman, Western Australia ...
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Episode 11 – Steven Ryan (Mortgage Broker & Interstellar Finance)

This episode features long time friend Steven Ryan. Originally I met Steven through the local Sydney music scene where he ...
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Episode 10 – Shane Bailey (Bmusic Australia)

Shane Bailey of Bmusic in Adelaide. Shane has been supplying us with music gear and support for over 10 years ...
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Episode 9 – Ricky Pfeiffer (Australian Army Veteran)

"I suppose I call it, chasing the light." - Ricky Pfieffer Ricky is from that little blob known as Tasmania ...
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Episode 8 – We’re Gonna Rock America

"Out on the back streets! I hear a heart beat! We're gonna rock America!" This episode is a recap of ...
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Episode 7 – Riju Dasgupta (Albatross)

I've known Riju for a few years now. Originally stumbling across each other in the depths of Facebook, telling each ...
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Episode 6 – Story Time – The Boxer and Mr Cowboy

A bit of an 'in between' episode. This is the first in a series of 'stories' from years gone by ...
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Episode 5 – Riley Perry (Shanghai & Mechanical Black)

I was chatting to Tim on a flight back from Perth earlier this year and he suggested I speak with Riley for ...
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Episode 4 – The Night I Didn’t Meet John Farnham

Feel the heartbreak in my voice as I give a blow by blow description of the night I didn't get ...
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Episode 3 – Arnie Olbrich (Kickstart Studios and Hard Grind)

A man who is seen by many to be the local legend in Wollongong, Arnie Olbrich has been part of ...
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Episode 2 – Andrew Craig (Rise of Avernus)

Band whore extraordinaire, Andrew Craig is well known within the Australian metal scene with his work with various bands over ...
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Episode 1 – Apologies in advance. This is the start of something ugly.

We all have to start somewhere right? Why not just stumble right into the world of podcasting with a rambling ...
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