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Episode 150 – Rob Brens (Hadal Maw, I Built The Sky)

Rob Brens is what I would like to call a real hot commodity. Like many of us musicians trying to find and hold onto a drummer is freaking hard, so when we discover world class drummers like Rob, many of us are fighting for a piece of the action. Rob has taken full advantage of the demand by working with a wide range of artists from different genres, crafting his skills and expertise. He is continuously building his profile in Australia and now beyond as a versatile, highly experienced weapon on the skins. Most people will know Rob as the drummer in Hadal Maw and I Built the Sky, however also has a long history with bands such as Alarum, Teramaze, King Parrot, Dreadnaught, Descrator and many more. One of the coolest things about this podcast is the opportunity that I get to spend time and surround myself with positively driven, highly motivated people. Many of those who have been on Andy Social to date are consistently challenging themselves and ...
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