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Jonas Heidgert - Andy Social Podcast - Live at PPM Fest Lotto Mons Expo 2014

Episode 141 – Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland, Destiny, Made In Iron)

Power metal nerds can skip the introduction, however for the rest of you, Jonas Heidgert is a metal vocalist and best known as the front man for Sweden's Dragonland. He's had guest appearances on a number of releases from bands such as Ancestral Dawn, Aldaria, and even Melbourne's Bane of Winterstorm. Jonas has also been fronting 80s Swedish metal band Destiny since 2012 and works with a number of tribute acts. Exhausted at the thought? You and me both! I have a headache just keeping up with one band however Jonas seems to make it all work with ease. In fact, my perception of how time intensive Dragonland would be is quickly dispelled, where despite having formed in 1999 and being based in Scandinavia (a bit of a metal haven!), the band has rarely played live which frees up a lot of time for everyone to be involved in other bands and projects. To my surprise, Jonas tells me that their upcoming Japan/Australia tour will be the longest string of shows ...
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