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Episode 214 – Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Heavy Music PR Guru)

Matt Bacon is a bit of a PR Guru in the heavy music world, most notably the man behind Dropout Media. Working as a music and brand consultant, Matt is constantly appearing in social feeds all over the world showing musicians how to maximise their own branding and have their music reach as many people as possible. I caught up with Matt to talk a bit about his OG story, how he found himself working with some of the elite in the heavy music world and how he has taken steps himself to get in front of an increasing number of people who find his content so valuable (search for #BaconBits on Social Media and you'll stumble across his great videos). Lots of great DIY talk in this episode and an awesome opportunity to learn more about one of the harder working guys out there in this space - #14hourworkday Show notes Follow Matt Bacon via Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram | Follow Dropout Media via Main Website | Facebook | ...
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