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Episode 194 – Kit Ekman (Heavy Metal Reviewer and Writer)

Kit Ekman is one of the biggest Heavy Metal supporters I know. A writer and reviewer for Metal Chaos Magazine, part-time mascot for US band Night Demon and travels throughout North America and Europe multiple times a year attending metal shows and festivals. Kit is dedicated! We chat about his love of metal, the clear decisions he made when it came to dedicating himself to his passions, the travel and the relationships that he's built not only with other metal fans from all over the world, but many bands who he supports in his travels. Reach out to Kit on Facebook and be sure to check out some of the bands we talk about in this chat, in particular Night Demon. Photo of Kit with John and Chris from Widow. Show notes Follow Kit on Facebook Check out Metal Chaos Magazine via Main Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube Listen to Night Demon's Live Darkness HERE ...
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