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Aaron Sammut - Maurice and the Metal - Andy Social Podcast

Episode 182 – Aaron Sammut (Writer and Comic Creator)

Aaron Sammut is a writer and comic book creator. Inspired by the opening riffs of Master of Puppets by Metallica, Aaron put together the concept of what has now become the comic, “Maurice and the Metal” - A young metalhead living in the mid 80s who discovers superhuman strength whenever he listens to metal, possessed by the spirit of a Black Sabbath roadie. Issue one is out now and comprises of artwork by US comic artist Jesse Hamm. The first instalment kicks off this nostalgic throwback to what it felt like to be energised by what many of us would proudly say is the best genre of music. Speaking of nostalgia, in our chat Aaron and I reflected on our own discoveries into the world of heavy metal and those moments that left us feeling like we were invincible. We also spoke about other childhood interests such as comics, video games and even some NBA basketball card talk. Lots of throw backs in this chat! Aaron also turned the tables ...
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