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Episode 128 – Terra Roam (First Woman to Walk Around Australia alone and Unassisted)

Terra Roam is the first woman to walk around the whole of Australia alone and completely unassisted. No support cars, no friends/companions, just her. Alone. 4 years and 22,000 kilometres. Terra is no stranger to epic expeditions, hiking and exploring throughout the world in her younger years and also enduring long walks across various parts of Australia. Adventure and the outdoors have been with her since early childhood and the latest achievement of completing a solo trek around our great continent was merely a natural progression from her childhood love of being outside and exploring. Through walking, Terra nurtured her own health and well being and used her on foot journeys to raise awareness and money for a range of different causes from marine conservation to her most recent campaign for suicide awareness through Lifeline. I quizzed Terra in our chat about her motivations to be out on the road by herself, some of the challenges she has faced on these trips (injuries, violence, stalking) but also the amazing people ...
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