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Shaun Farrugia - Andy Social Podcast - Photo by Jake Lowe 2

Episode 171 – Shaun Farrugia (In Malice’s Wake)

Shaun Farrugia is the front man for Melbourne's thrash metal band, In Malice's Wake. The band has been a fixture of Melbourne's metal scene since the early 2000's and who are highly respected by many of the Australian metal faithful. Like a lot of Australian bands, Shaun and the guys are total DIY and take great pride in putting in the hard yards to release music and tour. Over the years they have churned out several full length albums, an EP and live album with quite a bit of the artwork being created by Shaun himself. In addition to me living in a cave and not knowing that Shaun did a lot of the band's artwork, I also didn't release that he was a primary school arts teacher and had previously worked as an air brusher. Clearly his talents extend outside of music alone and as a frustrated artist myself (which basically means I like the idea of doing art but don't actually do it), I was keen to learn ...
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