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Episode 162 – Mike Hohnen (Freelance Writer, Journalist)

Mike Hohnen is one of the unsung heroes in the creative world. Being a journalist or writer, especially in music, can be a bit of a thankless job at times. It can be unfairly seen as a mechanism and necessity for artists to have their work marketed and promoted to wider audiences through popular media channels. Some of this is due to outlets resorting to a churn and burn approach that spits out run-of-the-mill, stock standard media. A lot of it as a result falls into the ever growing void of content or tactics used via buzz style headlines creates a magnet for undeserved attention. It's not all bad news of course and many writers don't fall into the above (could be argued) hyperbole. Mike is one of these standouts and has been writing for the past several years not only covering music but various pop culture and social topics. Cutting his teeth with popular press outlets such as Music Feeds and working as a journalist with some of the ...
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