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Lara Gibson - Automotive Technician

Episode 163 – Lara Gibson (Automotive Technician)

Lara Gibson is an Automotive Technician based in Melbourne, who applies her wizardry knowledge and skill to get hundreds of cars back on the road each year. It's always cool to dig in deeper to jobs that many of us take for granted. Having vehicles, many of us rely on people like Lara to ensure they stay on the road. Not always the easiest of jobs to have and there's a lot of pressure, especially when you're working in a high volume, fast-paced major city workshop like Lara does. Vehicles these days are complex products that are comprised of a multitude of computers (in simple terms). Long gone are the days of lifting the hood and seeing the problem visually or quickly. It's common place to now rely on a diagnostic fault finding tool to locate and identify potential issues, that assist the Technician in guiding them toward the component that requires attention. Lara and I talk about how she fell into the automotive world as an apprentice and gradually ...
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