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Pete Wargent - Andy Social Podcast - Episode 186

Episode 186 – Pete Wargent (Finance and Real Estate Expert, Author)

Pete Wargent is an international property buyer, finance and real estate expert and author. To put it more succinctly, Pete is an expert in wealth creation and spends the majority of his time teaching others how to maximise their money through financial knowledge and education. Starting off as an Accountant and moving out to Australia from the UK many years ago, Pete has been collating a wealth of knowledge obtained from personal experiences in striving toward his own financial goals. These days with the Accountant job long left in the dust, Pete's full time gig see's him having a large impact on others to not only dispel many myths around money and investing, but also helping to create better mindsets towards the way we handle and take care of our money. No doubt many of us have been in the same boat when it comes to the psychology of money. Brought up from previous generations who may not have had an abundance of opportunity, money was something to be desperately ...
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