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Andy Social - Freddy Lim - Chthonic

Episode 129 – Freddy Lim 林昶佐 (Chthonic 閃靈 , Taiwanese Politician and Activist)

Let me introduce you to Freddy Lim. If you don't know Freddy, he's the frontman of Chthonic. Formed in the mid-90s, they are one of Asia's most successful and well known metal bands who has crossed over into the western market and had a lot of success playing some of the biggest stages in the world including Loud Park, Wacken Open Air, Download, OzzFest and more. Chthonic's blends extreme metal (death and black) with a number of different traditional Taiwanese instruments giving them a unique sound. Their songs are inspired my Taiwanese mythology, stories and history which the band holds great importance. For most people, the success and achievements of Chthonic would be more than enough, however for Freddy the band is merely one chapter of a larger book. For 4 years, Freddy lead Amnesty International Taiwan and in 2015 he founded the New Power Party and became a party member of the Legislative Yuan 2016. Freddy's focuses are directed toward human rights issues as well as the independence of Taiwan ...
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