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Episode 158 – Monica Strut (Digital Marketer, Musician, The Last Martyr)

Monica Strut is a Digital Marketer and Vocalist for Melbourne band The Last Martyr. Playing in bands since her early teens, Monica has seen many of her peers come and go, all trying to chase a career in music. Seeing repeated failures from musicians trying to get attention and exposure, Monica decided to put her years as a musician and professional marketer in the music industry to further use, launching her own self branded marketing and coaching business. I've got to admit, I always cringe when I hear the term 'personal brand' (I can hear people saying - "Wanker alert!"). The term however simply refers to your reputation and value, which I believe is a critical component to our identity. With social media playing such an integral role in people's lives, it's often underestimated just how much of your 'reputation' (both personal and professional) is impacted by the way in which you share your life online. While many of us don't hesitate in sharing personal information and opinions with the ...
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