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Episode 146 – Brian Giffin (Author, Writer, Music Critic, Metal Archivist)

 I’m a bit of an OCD freak at times. I love order, I love lists and love to document all sorts of information (useful and otherwise) that can be accessed at my fingertips. This is probably why I like Brian Giffin. The human recorder, writer, and archivist of Australian Heavy Metal. For decades, Brian has been obsessively attending metal shows in Australia and documenting the scene through articles and reviews as well as his own database of releases, line-up changes, notable events and much more. In the earlier days before the internet (soooooooo long ago), it was often difficult to know which bands existed and what music was available. Decades of piecing together hundreds of both forgotten and notable bands, Brian released the most revised edition of the Encyclopedia of Australian Heavy Metal in 2015. An almost 350 paged reference guide that gives insight to our rich and talented history of Australian Metal, which no doubt sits proudly in the homes of many metal fans next to their music ...
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