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Episode 168 – Andrew Lilley (Daemon Pyre)

 Andrew Lilley is the guitarist and founding member of Sydney Melodic Death Metal band Daemon Pyre. Currently in the midst of wrapping up an album in Thailand, Andrew has been on a mission to close an important chapter of the band. If you aren’t familiar with Daemon Pyre, you may very well be acquainted with one of the many bands Andrew has been a part of over the years either as a full time member or session player. The list is long but includes bands such as Infernal Method, Daysend, Psi-Kore, Mortality, Atomizer, Mortal Sin, Killrazer and many more. Andrew is viewed by many (myself included) to be one of the top guitarists in Australian metal. After years of lending his talent to a plethora of bands, Andrew is ready to further cement his legacy with the upcoming Daemon Pyre album before embarking on his next big venture, relocating to the United States. Indefinitely. I caught up with Andrew at his place in the inner west of Sydney to ...
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